Washburn N2 Multicolor  "The Fly"

Finally we finished the work on this one, Multicolored (swirled) with help from my trusted partners El Bocko and Paulus, Paul (again) did the clearcoat. Around the tenth layer, a passing fly could resist the beautiful colors and smell so it decided to land on the drying surface, off course it wasn't able to have a liftoff and patiently waited for help. A day later help came in the form of some sanding paper but it was to late for the unfortunate fly, it died tragically ...  Therefore in loving memory we call the N2 from now on "The Fly" , to make sure nobody ever forgets the bold flying patterns some flies fly... rest in pieces little flyer ..... A couple off layers later we finished it of polishing.

 Yes we are proud :-))



n2-mc-01 n2-mc-02 n2-mc-03
n2-mc-04 n2-mc-05 n2-mc-06
n2-mc-07 n2-mc-08 n2-mc-09
n2-mc-10 n2-mc-11 n2-mc-12