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08-07-2007 Upped pics of Paul Gilbert at P60 Amstelveen 31-05-2007 here, killer concert!!


27-04-2007 I uploaded a bunch of new pics of the Ibanez Signs 20th here, have fun!


23-04-2007 Finally, we (almost) completed the work on the Ibanez RG 560/ Jem !!!
The body is an Ibanez RG 560 and the neck is from a Jem 777 VDY.
It is equiped with a Fernades Sustainer, and the middle pickup is a 70's Fender Stratocaster pickup.
Things to be done: 2 backplates, 1 custom due to some serious routing, whiping off the fingerprints and testdrive it at groundshaking volume!

Again, thanks to El Bocko and Paulus for assisting on the Swirl / Multicolor paintjob.
John D. helped me out on the routing process.
Paulus clearcoated this baby, all I had to do was supplying coffee, sigarettes and playing CD's!

I proudly name this baby due to the 20th anniversary of our band Signs: The Ibanez Signs 20th !
(you see, creativity is my middle name ;-))

Oh ehhh, when I pull the Tone knob ...... nothing happens!!!!!

Click here for some pics.


04-02-2007 It has been a while, but a little update.

I treated myself a very nice Parker Fly Mojo, a stunning new axe ! Click here for more info ...


04-10-2005 A lot of Steve Vai pics added as seen in Tilburg 013, again a killer concert!


10-09-2005 Today we finalized the Ibanez RG 560 body, yup the "other" swirl. Assembly shouldn't take much time so the only holdback for some wicked rock is the neck, we swirled it, put on a fresh Ibanez logo and clearcoated it many times, however my patience is again under test ;-) When the whole guitar is finished, pics can be expected.

Over a month ago I got myself a nice Carvin VL100 Legacy amp, this baby rocks big time! I still haven't discovered any points of dislike, well maybe one: even in the 50 watt mode it cannot be used at home in a proper way without treating the neighborhood a justified lynchparty for some serious disturbing of the peace :-)

I moved myself in the analog realm again (like the old days), got myself a nice little collection of the finest stompboxes available ... In combination with the Legacy, it's no match for any of it's digital counterparts, so for me the hunt is over .... (I remember thinking that before ;-))


29-05-2005 Hurrayyy! we finished one of the two swirls: behold the Wasburn N2 "The Fly" , click here for 36 pics !


07-04-2005 What's new?  Pics of my "new" Ibanez Universe 777 GR, Ibanez Jem 7 DBK and Career (!) EVH model and two newborn swirls ....

Last week we swirled 2 body's: a N2 and a RG 560, click here for some pics;-) The work is certainly not over yet, It has to be clearcoated and reassembled. Since the paint and the clearcoat doesn't dry as fast as I would like, this will take appr. a month :-(  I really like the outcome of this swirl session, the N2 has a nice evenly swirl and the RG has a stunning chaos factor with very nice details ... check it out!

Last month we ( Signs) did a couple of gigs under the name Prognight with two other bands namely Aeolus and Profound. I hope to add some pics soon and maybe a video of these memorable events. Please do check out the website of Astrid Sluijter for beautifull pics.

Currently I'm working on a section dedicated to Multicoloring a.k.a. Swirling, it will contain a lot of pics also of the things that didn't made it (guitarbody's, cardashboards, paintings, hands and arms) and probably some videofiles ....

btw: my mail address on this site wasn't available for a couple of months. Sorry, if you mailed with questions or remarks please mail again.....


17-09-2004 Finally an update !

We (Signs) just finished our EP called Source Code; a four song cd half new half old stuff. Take a look 'n listen here.

In the meantime I'm busy with some modifications to a few of my guitars: the Washburn N2 is ready to be swirled and so is a Ibanez RG 560 body. I customized the RG 560 body quite a lot .... It's routed now for holding a Fernandes Sustainer and I modified the neck joint to the specs of a Jem. Although I do not have a proper neck for it but I hope to finish this screamin' baby soon (hell, maybe I'll toss in a Jem777DSY neck with some nifty yellow tree of life in it ;-) , until I got something else (anyone??)) Also I modded an RG 550 body, again the neck joint like a Jem, and routed to contain a Roland GK Build In pickup set, yup, this one will be swirled too !! The neck for the 550 is ready; scalloped and headstock swirled ... ready to roll. As soon as I have some pics you'll have something to click on.


31-05-2004 Uploaded some old news pics of Paul Gilbert.


30-05-2004 Due to a lack of an ISP (again) this site was offline for a while, but it's up again!

What's new: 

New pics I shot during the Steve Vai shows in Amsterdam's Paradiso on the 23rd & 24th this month. A thrilling concert with the Metropole Orchestra, check out the pics section ;-) Also I added a few pics of my Jem 77 FP & Jem 777 SK which can be found in the X'ology section.


28-03-2004 A small update: yesterday I attended an Uli Jon Roth concert, another blast ! pics can be seen here and soon better pics on Peter de Bock's foto site .... Enjoy !


  11-01-2004 First of all, happy new year !!

Again our family has been struck by tragedy, recently my father died at age 74, he's the third one to die within a year of my direct family, so this is one though cookie to break ... Hereby I want to thank all the people who supported us so much, thanks for the patience and understanding ... 

As you can see, the site changed quite a lot, the looks are slightly different and I found a new provider with much more storage so the mp3's of Signs & Mr. Slammer are available again. (as promised 24-07-2001 ;-))

Recently I finished my multicolor ( a.k.a. swirl ) experiment on the Fender Squier Strat, I think it's very nice .... click here for some pics

I plan to make soundbits of the Roland VG-88, I receive quite some mail about this device, how it sounds, is it easy to use etc ...  Also I would like to place soundbits of some of my guitars, just for the sake of fun ;-)


  22-08-2003 Finally an update, due to tragic family circumstances I couldn't find some time to lift this site to the present.  What's new? Again "new" guitars: An Ibanez R440, sort of a pre Satriani model with an HSS configuration and an ultimate "Twang Machine" a Fender Stratocaster MIJ ! Sunburst with aged hardware, just like a ' 62 re´ssue ....  and a Fernandes FSG-80 equiped with a sustainer ... ultimate sustain under a flick of the switch, can I ask for more ;-))


  05-05-2003 A "new" old guitar added: Ibanez RG 550 Black, poor finish condition but the rest is screamin' ....


  31-03-2003 Updated the bands section:  Cremlin is dead, long live Signs! , I updated the gear section and added pics of our little girl: B' Elanna (I know, it's not really the intention of this site, but hey, I'm a proud daddy now ;-)))) ) 


  14-02-2003 Yippie!!!, Yesterday (13-02-2003) our baby girl was born. Her name is B' Elanna Beau van der Park. 

 Take a glimpse on her right here.


  10-02-2003 Nice guitar added, Ibanez Artcore AFS 75 TTRD. 18 pics to stare at ;-))


  01-01-2003 Happy new year to you all !!




It has been a while but new pictures of my "Roland Ready" Fender Stratocaster are ready for your viewing pleasure ....Later more about the Roland VG-88 "Guitar, Amp" modeler, this baby is a blast!




Hot News !, Finally our Cremlin DVD is available, for more info see the Cremlin Site.




Uploaded some pics of Yngwie Malmsteen, Robert Fripp, Van Halen and 2 pics of my old Stratocaster




Uploaded pics of Frank Gambale & Scott Henderson and can be found in the "Heroes" section




Wow, 7 months no update ..... busy with other sites, work, vacation, excuses piling up! We'll it's Wango time again, with a slight different look, new guitars and a links page. I ditched out the rest of the sections because those weren't still online (besides a few) and it absorbs to much of my time which can be used in a much better way .... making music! (that's what this site is all about;-)))

Have Fun!!!

 Sure, bugs can be expected, if you find one please report to me .....




Added 11 pics of Gary Moore and 12 of Allan Holdsworth




Added 13 pics of Al Di Meola




Added 8 pics of the Michael Schenker Group.




Added 36 "new" pictures of Steve Vai live in Amsterdam which can be found in the Music > Heroes section and fixed some bugs.




Finally a major update on this site, I changed the look a little, removed it from "The Ibanez JEM & Universe Guitars Webring" and added pics of my Chrome Boy and Flying V which can be found in the Music > Axology section.

A lot of bugs can be expected, if you find one please report to me .....




Added 14 pics of my "new" Fender Stratocaster Anniversary ' 79 and updated the Cremlin page.




Added 18 pics of the "Dupont" gig and updated the Cremlin page.




Added 18 pics of the "Engel" gig and updated the Cremlin page !




Updated the Cremlin Page




Added a few 3d Pics in the "Graphics" section, more is coming up .....




Added the Pinball link section




Added the Formula 1 link section




Opened the Pinball section, still no pics but at least there is something to read ...




Added 18 pics of my Ibanez Universe 7 Black which isn't that black anymore.




Added 24 pics of the Grand Prix of Europe in the F1 section




Added 19 pics of my "new" Fender Stratocaster "Yngwie Malmsteen" I bought 2 days ago, you can find it in the music > axology section.




Added 43 pics of the Grand Prix of Europe in the F1 section




Added this site to the "The Ibanez JEM & Universe Guitars Webring"




My ISP demanded less use of discspace so I deleted the Signs & Mr. Slammer demo's, they will be posted later when I find the space .....




Added some pictures to the Cremlin section




Uploaded my website although just the music section works, the rest will follow...