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The Kings Of Disneyland

Knots & Tangles




Tricky one to record: First of all we planned to do a reheasal live demo but it's so .... unsigns, so soon we decided to record the drums and keyboards live in our WW II Bunker from hell. Miking the drums of Bert was quite a hassle, normally mics tend to have longer cables than 2 meters for mixing in a distant room but not this time ... you got it, mixing desk next to the drums! Can't make a bigger mistake but it was all we had ;-)

Hans his trusty Korg D16 was used to record the tracks, we reserved 6 drum tracks and 2 Keyboard tracks, for the rest we had to move on to my well planned organized and at all times fully functional hobbyroom ... did I say hobbyroom? Sure I mean studio.

Hans did his basstracks first; tweaking a Line 6 POD, compressors, exciters, equalizers and basspickups laid down the bottom end. After that crunch guitars! Mainly I used my Jem DNA for it, for the clean parts the Fender strat GK. For the "solo" of Phenomena I trashed up the whammy of my Ibanez 440 and for the beginning of the solo of "Kings" I grabbed my trusty all worn Malmsteen strat for that nice bite. More I need and I need sustain ... Fernandes! The rest of the solo's were done by DNA and my left foot ....

Marcel had to come in again for laying the key tracks of "Knots" as we didn't understand the Korg so well when we started, also at that time he fundaded the intro of "Phenomena"

After the final keys Hans did his vocals next to the bathroom in front of the window, waving hands at people he thought who recognised him and enjoying the sight of beaultiful weather he actually couldn't enjoy as he was recording his voice next to the bathroom in front of ....

Until deep in the night we mixed the songs until the last night before my vacation .... I had to pack the next morning.

In the meantime Hans finallized the artwork for the cover and cd, tossed it to Marcel to print it while Bert played with his sub (unterwasser boot) somewhere in the Scandinavian waters.

And that leaves us now with a cd we can be proud of ....


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Bert Vliegen - Drums
Ron van der Park - Guitars
Hans de Graaf - Bass & Vocals
Marcel Faas - Keyboards



Music by Hans de Graaf & Ron van der Park
Lyrics by Hans de Graaf
Produced by Signs
Engineerd by Ron van der Park
Art Design by Hans de Graaf
Recorded at The Bunker & Wango Tango Studios July 2004